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View Our TestimonialsSuperbrass started life in 2005 – on the 27th of January, to be precise – when I put together a brass dectet for a concert called the Brass Massive at the Blackheath Halls, at what is now the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance. The main aim of the annual Brass Massive was to bring together brass and percussion musicians from all genres and walks of life; to inspire and motivate the students and staff; and to stimulate music-making and brass-playing in our local community. The 2005 Brass Massive was no exception, with a large number of primary and secondary school children joining the throng, as both participants and audience-members.

Most of the players who took part in our first gig can be heard on our debut CD, “Under the Spell of Spain”. As for the name Superbrass itself… Well, that just popped out in a brief conversation with the programme designers, to be used as a working title for this fabulous group of players and it stuck !

At every concert and workshop, Superbrass strives to premiere new material, as well as re-visiting the rich heritage of repertoire of previous generations. From this ethos has sprung an extensive, ever-expanding library of original compositions and arrangements. Superbrass was nominated for the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society’s Education Award in 2008 for its work at the 2007 BBC Proms Brass Day.

Superbrass is an ensemble with a very distinctive approach to music-making. Many leading performing arts organisations, whether they be concert halls, arts centres or symphony orchestras, have enjoyed the benefits of nurturing outreach and education work: attracting sponsorship, growing audiences and building long-term sustainable relationships within their own communities. However, many of these outreach programmes have been developed as important but secondary projects, with performance schedules taking precedence. After our very first concert, we decided that if there were to be any kind of future for Superbrass, it would be as an ensemble which continuously prioritises working for and alongside young and amateur musicians. We sought to form a collective of some of the country’s leading and most inspiring brass and percussion players, prepared to offer advice, playing tips and support to these young and amateur players, while performing alongside them at the very highest level. Superbrass is proud to continually work closely with music education authorities throughout the UK.

Exploring the benefits of music education is not new. For decades, children and adults have been encouraged by teachers and professional players to take their playing and singing to new levels, by developing a greater understanding of the mechanics of music-making. Music-making and listening are valued as worthwhile activities in their own right. However, recent years have seen a new focus on music as a life-skill: something at the heart of personal development. Many children who have music as a core part of their curriculum have shown improvements in other areas of their learning, including in subjects not traditionally associated with the arts. Music’s natural focus on collaboration, team-building, listening and empathy – skills that are all essential for good musicianship – is increasingly recognised as transferable to other activities and professions. At a time when cuts in the arts are threatening the health of musical performance and education, the corporate world is employing musicians to demonstrate, via workshops, the skills they use every day to be strong team-members and communicators.

Ultimately, music is, more than any other art form, completely of its own time, and instantly understandable by a global audience. Present and future generations deserve our continued investment in music. A growing understanding and support of music education will undoubtedly benefit us all. Superbrass aims to encourage this approach to music-making with every recording and performance.

I hope you enjoy our work.


Roger Argente